CRUX The Slaughterhouse Private View Tuesday 4th October 2011

Image:Dmitri Galitzine, Sportsman

5th October – 14th October 2011
Curated by Natasha Hoare and Roxie Warder
CRUX is an exhibition of new works by emerging artists Dmitri Galitzine, R.M Phoenix and James Trimmer. From Adam Curtis’ documentaries and the poems of John Keats to modern farming techniques and Tom Wolfe’s ‘A Man in Full’, each work has emerged through conversation and an exchange of ideas, images and texts between artists and curators.

Image:James Trimmer, Mr Moustachio

This process has resulted in an exploration of ideas of knowledge and truth as expressed through sculpture, painting and print making.
CRUX is the Latinate name of the Southern Cross, a constellation of stars charted by the ancient Greeks and used as a navigational aid to locate the South. Due to the changing axial tilt of the planet, this constellation sank beneath the horizon gradually to be lost from Western knowledge. The constellation reappeared in the thirteenth century when Portuguese sailors voyaged into new waters to explore Africa.

Image:R.M Phoenix, Black Fraternization #1

The artwork featured in CRUX thus reflects upon our ability to perceive what is before us as true or stable. The artists investigate the instability of visual meaning when the viewer is given access to different levels of knowledge or exposed to different materials. Through the manipulation of materials and subject matter which flip and contort the viewers perceptions, these works call into question our ability to trust what we see and ask if we able to exist comfortably in a
state of unknowing?

Each artist is rapidly establishing themselves both in the UK and internationally, as such this exhibition marks an exciting opportunity to view new work by burgeoning artistic talents.

Dmitri Galitzine:
London and Herefordshire based artist. Dmitri has exhibited in solo and group shows both internationally and in the UK with galleries such as The Cob Gallery, London, Nettie Horn, London, and Formula Gallery, St Petersburg. His work is included in major collections such as the Saatchi Collection. Forthcoming projects include ‘Prune’ at Fold gallery, London, opening on 7th October 2011 and ‘Hotel Palenque’ at Outpost, Norwich, on 24th November 2011.

R.M Phoenix:
London based artist R.M. Phoenix has exhibited in solo and group shows in the UK and internationally including AND/OR Gallery, London, ttt-werkstattraum, Berlin and Museo De La Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico City. He published and edited arts publication and website Failedrockstar, and has contributed to Verfreundungseffekt and Team magazines. He works within the artist collective Portable Isolation Unit, and his monograph ‘Anchor & Drift’ was published this year with Museums Press.

James Trimmer:
London based artist who studied at The Prince’s Drawing School, London and University of Brighton. James has exhibited in the UK and internationally and been included in exhibitions at The Courtauld Institut of Art, London alongside Tracey Emin, PremArts, Berlin, Whitespace Gallery, London. He was awarded the Print Prize by Paragon Press. He is currently collaborating with Tropical Paintings From Outer Space, a loose collective of artists based around the U.K., as well as further collaborations with photographer Daniel Sanwald.

Curated by Natasha Hoare and Roxie Warder:
Natasha has worked in the Arts for over 4 years as a PR, fundraiser and writer. Having worked at the Saatchi Gallery she is currently studying MA in Curating at Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Since graduating in Fine Art, Roxie Warder has been in various roles within the contemporary art world. She has organised and curated numerous shows and events and was Art Editor for Arthur And Albert Magazine. She is currently working at the Saatchi Gallery.

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