Ryan Stanier Fair Director The Other Art Fair Answers FADs Questions


1 Why have you called the show The Other Art Fair ?
Well it states the obvious really, we didn’t want to be ‘an-other’ art fair.

2 Why do you think it’s right to launch a new art show format now ?
The last couple of years have been really tough for the arts especially if you are independent of a gallery. With all the art cuts taking place and the changing tide within the art establish it seemed like the perfect time to launch a fair that offered a new platform that allowed artists to showcase their work to a wider audience as well as the art. More and more artists are moving away from the traditional gallery environment, our committee member is the perfect example of someone being successful outside the traditional establishment.

3 How can you make it work if you take no commission ?
This first year really isn’t about making money its about creating a fair that works for artists. We are wanting to build the Other Art Fair into a successful brand.

4 How can artists get involved in 2012 ?
The application is already live so people should get applying!

5 Do you buy art ?
Yes – the last piece I bought was an illustration from a Paris antique market featuring an 18th century peasant in his pants.

6 What are your recommended highlights for the show ?
I guess the most exciting this is the range of artists we have at the fair, it truly represents a microcosm of contemporary art. It is a great to see so many talented artists in one place and having the opportunity to receive the Club Monaco Emerging Artist Award that is launchig alongside us. This is a £5000 commission to an artist chosen from a shortlist created by a public vote. The commissioned work will then be shown in London and New York. We have such an eclectic mix of works I can’t wait to see who wins.

7 How did you end up running an art fair?
I have a background in running succesfull exhibitions and events in Fashion, Wine and Art as well as running Pop-Up galleries featuring graduate artists so I guess the Other Art Fair is the marriage of the two.

8 How did you choose the artists who got to exhibit?
We had artist liaisons going out visiting studios, graduate shows looking to discover new artists as well as generally networking. All the artists they approached applied to the fair and then were put to a judging panel of leading art experts.

9 Can I buy the art online if I can’t Make it down to the fair ?
Currently no, but this is a definite plan for 2012 so keep an eye out!

You can’t still get free access to The Other Art Fair but hurry click HERE to register for FREE tickets.

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