Gianluca CAPOZZI / Antonello MATARAZZO Human Perceptions at Contemporary Art Museum of Caserta

The Contemporary Art Museum of Caserta is presenting a new exhibition of two of Italy’s most promising contemporary artists, Gianluca Capozzi and Antonello Matarazzo. The show, entitled Human Perceptions, compares two different ways of looking at the human experience in the third millennium.

Antonello Matarazzo Untitled, 2012, liquitex acrilic on canvas, 100x100x4 cm

Antonello Matarazzo Untitled, 2012, liquitex acrilic on canvas, 100x100x4 cm

Gianluca Capozzi

November 28th to December 20th, 2012

Antonello Matarazzo is a multi-faceted artist who works in a variety of media. He considers himself a Medialist, combining elements of painting, photography, video and other disciplines in work that explores, in the artist’s words, the “introspective and anthropological aspects of mankind.” As Matarozzo says in his statement, his work is “based on the ambiguity between still picture and motion, often giving micromotion to photos through the use of morphing and warping.” The painter Gianluca Capozzi is similarly interested in movement, and his works often begin with a photo, a snapshot of a time and place. It is this point of departure that allows for Capozzi to assemble, often in a grid-like layout, as he puts it, “a type painting that simultaneously re-echoes sounds and silences, that makes us hear the intervals in continuity and the continuity in the intervals, a type of painting that is always moving on, always exploring, always travelling along the interstices of space and time.”

While these two artists use different “languages” to explore the perceptions of humanity, curator Massimo Sgroi hopes to “attract the viewer to the simulation of the real.” Sgroi’s goal is to play with the relationship of the real and what lies just beyond it, “the indistinguishableness between the various levels of perception. Much like Borges did with character of unreality in literature, according to Srgoi, “the two Italian artists represent the fragments of the territory of the mind on the canvas or through the video as they do today, among other things, with parts of reality wandering in a huge virtual territory.”

Much of the focus of the exhibition is on the different techniques that contemporary artists can use to formally synthesize various instinctual human relations. Of these, video is the last frontier.

If you’re interested in attending:

Human Perceptions
Gianluca CAPOZZI / Antonello MATARAZZO
curated by Massimo Sgroi
Cenobio di S.Agostino
Contemporary Art Museum of Caserta.


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