VIDEO: Richard Mosse “The Enclave”



If you read Crystal and Tom’s review of the 55th Venice Biennale – Day 3
You will know it was their highlight of Biennale if not this is what Crystal said:

But the highlight of the day, and probably of the whole trip was Richard Mosse’s work in the Irish pavilion. This was just outstanding. For one thing, it was so visually captivating. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the photos, and then later the films – they were shockingly beautiful to look at thanks to his experiments with infrared film. Then, while the beauty of the images was working one part of your brain, the horror of the subject matter started to become apparent to another part of your brain and the whole thing kicked off these fireworks of cognitive dissonance. There is so much skill and dexterity required to construct images such as these, images which continue to captivate long after you’ve understood what they are. Conrad called it “the fascination of the abomination”, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more convincing example of it in contemporary art than in Mosse’s work. I take my hat off to all involved.

No we can’t bring you a video of his video installation but the next best thing is Richard Mosse talking about
shooting his gorgeous new film “The Enclave” in Eastern Congo. The film was shot on 16mm infrared film and was and is being displayed as an absorbing five-screen video installation. It features music composed by Ben Frost, and cinematography by Trevor Tweeten. ENJOY

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