GOSEE: ‘Experience Intel Look Inside Tour’ now @ Spitalfields Market until 14th of July


Technology and art! From electronic gadgets of all shapes and sizes, to groundbreaking entrepreneurs and artisians,  in the heart of Spitalfield’s market is where the ‘Experience Intel Look Inside’ and where anyone who was an intel lover would have forund me last Thursday night. With a brief stop in London, YOU now only have until the 14th of July to experience a multitude of brand new technologies, games and interactive displays, which seek to offer viewers a taste of the immersive digital experiences available today. This three day tech- fest is a highly, interactive and global tour which aims to introduce the public to a range of cutting-edge devices based on Intel products including the Ultrabook, thin and light laptops, tablets, all-in-ones and smartphones.


What is that? And how does it work? Within the Pop up Shop, guests will have the opportunity to play with a range of Intel-powered products and experience live performances and demonstrations by notable personalities and experts—from film, art, fashion, design, music, and more –who integrate Ultrabook technology into their work.


Guests on the London leg of the tour can look forward to talks from artist Julie Freeman, rising star DJ Slurps of True ingredients, and Project Runway winner Michelle Lesniak Franklin amongst others. Nick Ryan (seen above) will also be there all weekend to talk more about Xpogo, a unique global company which he admits, could have never occured much less evolved, without the fast and easy accessibility intel technology provides.

Check out this cool video:

Also, Each day guests will also have the opportunity to win give-away prizes including the HP Envy, Lenovo Yoga, Razr i smartphones and headphones. As well as a digital hands-on experience, guests can expect entertainment from high-energy performers, free ice cream and 3D street artists giving guests a truly unique chance to ‘Look Inside’.



So go to spitalfields market where you can grab a beer, some killer food and check out for yourself how Intel has brilliantly managed to keep with the rapid technological pace while still making it fun, cool and approachable- it’s all about staying connected!

Oh and not to mention- see if you can do a handstand as unique as the yogi guru, Matt Giordano from AcroYoga! He will be there all weekend winding and wrapping himself around as many intel products as possible!


For more information on Old Spitalfields Market: www.oldspitalfieldsmarket.com

For more info on Intel Products: www.intel.co.uk


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